Women Empowerment And Community Development

Inequalities amongst men and women and discrimination against women are a common phenomenon in our country. The position and status of women in our country has risen incredibly in the 21st century against all adversities. Women are playing a bigger role in socio-economic field as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, managers, investors, etc. Bikash, with a positive effort, have put forward its hands in making women economically independent along with the development of the community.


  • To make women self sufficient and self reliant.
  • Encouraging women to develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Advocating the promotion of gender equality within the community.
  • To support their economic independency through Income Generation Activities

Programmes Includes

  • SHG Formation and strengthening (PWDs) for Economic Rehabilitation
  • Skill Training for Beautician Course.
  • Livelihood Training- SRI, Dry land Agriculture, vermi-compost, carpentry, Sabai grass products, tailoring, conch cells making, etc.
  • Goonj- Cloth For Work & School To School Programme.