Sasthi Gorai

17 years old, Sasthi Gorai is one of our CBR beneficiaries since 2009 and is 50% orthopedically handicapped belonging to a nuclear family consisting of her father, mother and one younger sister. She had breathing problems from childhood and as she grew older the problem became severe. When she was 10 years old, she was taken to Saibaba Hospital, Bangalore for a check-up but due to her family’s poor financial status they couldn’t complete the treatment. After that Sasthi was in and out of hospital and she and her family were very upset and felt hopeless.

In 2011, Bikash helped to get the disability certificate for Sasthi. At that time Sasthi’s parents talked to the heads of Bikash about her serious breathing problem and they came up with a way forward. C.M.O.H., Bankura was contacted where Sasthi was advised to report to Rogi Sahayak Kendra (RSK) where eco-cardiography and a blood test were done. With the joint help of BIKASH and C.M.O.H., Bankura Sasthi was taken to Mission Hospital, Durgapur where a health check-up was done and a date of operation was given. Finally she was operated on free of cost under Sishu Sathi Prokolpo February 2016 and it was announced that Sasthi is out of danger.

At present, Sasthi is good in health and pursuing vocational training conducted by BIKASH at its own campus.