Rudra Mudi

Rudra Mudi, a 6 years old child having moderate intellectual disability with associated speech & physical problems was brought to our institution on 15.10.2015 by his grandmother, referred from Childline Bankura requesting to provide therapy for betterment of the child.

At first he started availing early intervention services at Bikash Special School. He was diagnosed by the group of experts as having developmental delay with associated problems of self care, feeding, drinking and communication development. Having all such problems, his parents never hesitated for his intervention. By consulting with his family members, therapy was started for the improvement of the child. Within a year he showed notable improvement in self care like holding the spoon independently, indicating toilet needs, identifying vegetables, and communicating single word meaningfully.

His grandmother was worried as he could not walk at that time, but our continuous therapy bore fruit as Rudra started waking independently. Seeing Rudra walking, his grandmother cried in heavenly joy. Rudra is dependent on his grandmother for which she has been trained for home-based training at our special school. Rudra with the help of the caregivers is developing at an impressive rate and recovering from the problems. His grandmother’s dedication and effort will help Rudra to become self dependent by regularly attending the Special school at Bikash.