Rani Das

(Empowering Lives… Fulfilling Dreams) – Entrepreneur

On 3rd December 2015, Rani Das received the “State Award” in the best creative adult category for being self-dependent, taking own responsibility and becoming an earner.

Rani Das, none other than a student of our Special School, 80% orthopedically handicapped, became a role model for all students of the vocational unit as well as for those facing similar circumstances of indifference, neglect, obstacles, economic hardships and other limitations due to the disability.

Once her disability created many hurdles in her life but when a way of light was shown by Bikash society, then she pulled up her courage and joined at the vocational unit in 2004 at Bikash. She skilled herself in tailoring, jute craft, making bori, thonga, candle, etc. After completing the course she chose tailoring as her profession and she owned a shop of herself. She uses hand machine for making petticoat, Salwar kameez, blouse, nighty, pyjama & Panjabi, handbag, etc. With Continuous effort of 4 years, she formed an SHG on 07.01.2008 with 10 students of Bikash and named it as ‘Helen Keller Mahila Swanirvar Dal’ where she holds responsibilities as secretary in the group. They took orders and made petticoat, eco-bag and earned money and kept in their savings account. Another achievement after that was with the collaboration of NABARD and facilitation by Bikash they formed a shop in Bikash campus and named ‘Rural Mart’. They sold various products from the mart and earned money. All her struggle blossomed on 3rd December 2010 with a State Award for the SHG “Helen Keller”.

We believe that with the increasing aspirations she will fly high one day.