Promote Sales Of Our Children’s Products


BIKASH has taken one of the special initiatives for economic rehabilitation for the Persons with Disabilities. They have shown their talents in drawing and painting which have win over the hearts of many people. We took this initiative of Selling Seasons Greeting in order to encourage their ability. We sell various printed cards at reasonable prices. For orders, please let us know mentioning your choice and requirements at our email.

Cards Catalogue

Size: 4.5”× 7”

Quality: Printed on White Quality Card with matching envelope

Item No: GC01

Item No: GC02

Item No: GC03

Item No: GC04

Item No: GC05

Item No: GC06

Item No: GC07

Item No: GC08


Handhold training is also provided in jute diversified products to our children with multiple disabilities.  Here we present some finished products made by the children. Different colours of these products are also available. Interested person can place order by sending us an e-mail mentioning the number and quantity of the product and your product will be delivered shortly.

Form of Payment is cheque or bank transfer to our postal address given in Contact us.

Products Catalogue

₹ 150

Item No: P01

₹ 200

Item No: P02

₹ 200

Item No: P03

₹ 20

Item No: P04

₹ 100

Item No: P05

₹ 125

Item No: P06

₹ 125

Item No: P07

₹ 150

Item No: P08

₹ 100

Item No: P09

₹ 100

Item No: P010

₹ 100

Item No: P011