Partha Sarathi Patra

(Thirst of Education) – Integrated Education

“If there is a will, there is a way”, and how true it is has been proved by a 19 years old boy Partha Sarathi Patra, a registered student of the Centre for Special Education, Bikash.

At the age of 3 years he was brought to the Centre with the problems related to communication, socialization and not being able to stand and walk.  He was completely dependent on his mother for help. He would never cooperate with the educators and caregivers at Special School. But, neither his family members nor the educators and caregivers at school lost hope of achievement in him.

After evaluation he undergone various interventions for the self help and continued the physiotherapy. After long 7 years, he started showing improvements as he could stand and walk few steps at a time. After few months, a heart throb incident happened when he started walking without anyone’s help which was an inexpressible desire for his mother and family members. Apart from substantial improvements in communication, self care, socialization, he also achieved success in his academics.

We were spellbound to know that a cerebral palsied boy scored 80% marks in secondary examination and 82% marks in higher secondary examination and is presently persuing English Honours from Bankura Sammilani College and travels 5 kms regularly by riding scooty from his home.

We salute Partha’s effort by few lines –

Do not be disillusioned by thinking yourself weak and helpless,
Try to know your source of infinite power.