Lakshmi Gorai

(Power of Imagination)- Painting

19 years old Lakshmi Gorai is one such determined example of our Special School who has fought against disability to replace it by different abilities.

She is one of the old students of the year 1999 and still continuing in the special school as she loves to learn from the school and its environment too. She has hearing impairment 100% but never looked back and has crossed each step of obstacles by showcasing her abilities. She became one of the students of Vocational Unit and learnt the works of tailoring and jute diversified products. She can make candles, paper packets, knit sweaters, gift bags, etc. Not only in making handicrafts, she is also getting educated from a normal school and this year she has been promoted to Std-IX. Special educators took notice of her fine sketching before sewing any dress. From that we came to know about her talent in sketching and painting.

Her painting inspired all of us from which we planned to sell her drawings by printing as greetings card from the sales outlet of a SHG group named Helen Keller Mahila Swanirvar Dal facilitated by Bikash. This step popularised her painting and she started earning from it and at present she has savings of ₹ 19, 003.00/-. She takes part in different drawings competitions and positively secures positions every time.

More we see these children we are enlighten by their infinite efforts to achieve success in life.