Jhilik Karak

Jhilik Karak came to the Centre for Special Education at Bikash, when she was 3½  years old. She was assessed by the team of professionals and her major problems were in the domains of language & communication, physical and socials skills; in essence she has Cerebral Palsy with associated speech problem. At the beginning she couldn’t speak a single word; she used to communicate by crying and screaming.

Prioritising her needs and in consultation with her parents, Mr. Uttam Karak and Mrs. Moumita Karak, we prepared Jhilik’s intervention plan with the emphasis on language, communication, physical & social skills. Five years of care-giving and quality teaching has brought a remarkable change in Jhilik. Noticeable improvements are as follows:


  • She can now walk and run normally.
  • Presently she does not have any balancing problem.

Social Skills

  • She greets familiar and unfamiliar people with a smiling face.
  • She no longer screams or cries for her needs and wants.

Language & Communication Skill

  • She can now get involved in the conversation with others.
  • She can answer to “WH” questions meaningfully.