Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Community Development

Flood Relief Camp

A Survey was conducted in flood affected areas of Bankura District in 2015. After the rapid assessment in those areas, 800 households were supported with various household materials. They are as follows:

Trampoline Sheet, First Aid kit, Carpet, Mat, Mosquito Net, Sanitation Kit, Bleaching Powder, ORS, Solar Lamp, Brush, Comb, Hygienic kit, Tumbler and Mug, Water Container, Water Purifying Sachet, Gamcha, Soap, toothbrush and Paste, Bed Sheet.

Relief kit also contained Educational kit for 714 children and 10 school kits.

Blocks covered were Bankura I & Bankura II including the villages named Gangtora, Sambhupahari, Khasbahar, Dhagharia, Namo-Dhaghoria, Kosthia, Namai and Kanai.

Water Testing

With the objective of capacitating the youth, the training was provided at different villages on the measurement of pH level, iron content, hardness in drinking water. It covered the Block Bankura-I where there were 50 participants consisting of 2 groups. They have been well trained by the experts and have also learnt about the cleanliness in and around the sources of drinking water.

Tubewell Repairing

During the flood 35 tube well were repaired in the villages to provide the villagers safe drinking water. They were also trained for the water disinfection for maintaining good health.