Archana Ruidas

Archana Ruidas has a 60% hearing impairment and is the only daughter of her widowed mother; living in Bankura town.

Archana, already known for the quality of her handmade work at Bikash, aspired to develop new designs and set up a small enterprise on her own. She attended Vocational Training at Bikash and learnt the processing of jute yarn, plaiting, hand sewing, machine sewing, dying and colouring of plaits etc. Being a regular and sincere trainee, she completed her training and started working as a wage employee under Bikash and is earning Rs. 2000 – Rs. 2500 per month approx. which is very helpful for her widowed mother to maintain her family.

These days, Archana is a member of a Self-Help Group of Persons with Disabilities namely Helen Keller Mahila Swanirvar Dal and started a savings scheme. Her personal savings is Rs. 13000(approx.) as on 15th March, 2016.

Our task is to support her to fulfil her dreams in terms of providing advance training, keeping in mind design development, credit arrangements and exploring market opportunities.

We believe Archana will overcome all her difficulties and fulfil her dreams; she has the “spark” of determination on her face.