(Agent of Change) – Jute Crafts

A journey well done by Ananda Mal, 22 years, today he is a trainer in various skill development training and supports others trainees like him while also earning to support his family.

During the community based rehabilitation programme, we came to know about Ananda who has intellectual disability 75% but had the spirit of breaking the hindrances of his life. Due to his poor communication and functional literacy he could not come out of the situation.

At the time when his family approached the centre, he was intervened and it was found that he has interest in Vocational Unit. Under NIOH and NIEPMD, he availed training on diversified jute products. Side by side he was also trained in the domains of communication and functional literacy. At first he was learning about the fundamentals and measurements of making jute crafts. He responded within a short span of time and could clean the raw jute, make jute plaits, colour the jute plaits and stitch them into small pieces.

Continuous intervention has now helped him to acquire knowledge in making finished jute crafts like purses, key rings, ladies bags, wall hangings, mats and many other finished jute products, the art that he has within himself for making all these jute products is really commendable and whatever we say to describe his work would be less. On the merits of his dedication, he was selected as a trainer in the trade of Jute diversified products in the year 2017. He has monthly income of ₹ 3000/- and has savings of ₹ 31,663.00. He is very happy to serve those persons like him.

By offering love and blessings to Ananda, we would love to quote:

“Going deep into the waves of aspiration,
a person can find out his own ways of living.”